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Who we are

Paradis is a pioneer in the art and science of producing handcrafted ice cream, delivered or made daily at our stores using only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

Since its start in 2000 in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, Paradis has come to be loved by a devoted customer base not only because its proprietary recipes are award-winning, but also because it offers something delicious for all tastes and dietary restrictions. Paradis is a proven concept with over 50 locations throughout Denmark and several locally within LA/OC counties with more shops in the pipeline.

Our Values

We travel far and wide to find premium-quality ingredients for our passionate chefs to make into fresh ice cream and sorbet flavors every day.

At Paradis, we offer something for everyone no matter their preferences. You can choose between ice cream flavors made from milk from our local dairy, water-based fruit sorbets, and plant-based ice cream made from non-dairy alternatives such as oatmilk and coconut cream.

Mission & Vision

We make our ice cream daily using the finest ingredients from our domestic and international partners. Our team works day-in and day-out to serve you the best handmade ice cream experience possible.

From Denmark to the USA

The ice cream was adapted to the Danes by, among other things, minimizing the fat content and using fresh and natural ingredients. At the same time, it had to be a concept where the ice cream was produced daily. Therefore, quality is paramount every day, and each ice cream has a delicious creamy texture and a fantastic taste.

In 2003, the first Paradis store opened in Copenhagen on Sankt Hans Torv.

Copenhageners welcomed the ice cream so well that already the following year they were able to open another Paradis store – this time in Frederiksberg.

There was no doubt that there was room for more Paradis stores and this resulted in the opening of the first franchise store in Amager in 2005. Since then, new stores have been opened every year, and today we count approx. 45 stores in Denmark.

Our first foreign store opened in Los Angeles in the USA in autumn 2009. The area currently has 10 stores and more are on the way.

Paradis Ice Cream Timeline

  • 2000: The first Paradis store opens in Århus on Nørregade, where it is still located
  • 2003: The first Paradis store opens in Copenhagen on Sankt Hans Torv
  • 2004: Paradis ApS is established with a focus on opening franchise stores in the Copenhagen area
  • 2005: The first franchise store opens in Amager
  • 2006: Paradis expands the focus to also include larger cities outside the metropolitan area
  • 2008: Paradis consists of 17 stores, all located in major Danish cities
  • 2009: The first international Paradis store opens in Los Angeles
  • 2010: Executive Capital buys Paradis with a view to implementing an ambitious growth plan
  • 2003: The first Paradis store opens in Copenhagen on Sankt Hans Torv
  • 2014: Paradis introduces Children's cup, Frappe, IceSmoothie and Sundaes
  • 2015: Paradis introduces a completely new Take Home box design for compartmentalized boxes
  • 2017: Paradis opens in Helsingør and Solrød Strand
  • 2018: Paradis opens 3 new stores in Denmark; Ahlgade in Holbæk, Ørestad and Fields. As the first ice cream chain in Denmark, Paradis introduces 100% plant-based vegan ice cream varieties
  • 2019: Paradis begins a journey towards sustainability
  • 2020: Paradis opens in Skanderborg and on Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen. Paradis introduces Bubble Tea Shakes
  • 2020: Paradis opens in Brønshøj, Copenhagen
  • 2021: (summer) Paradis opens Horsens Havn and several stores in Aarhus
  • 2022: Paradis DK buys back the first 2 stores. Sankt Hans Torv & Nørregade in Aarhus